Living Online Lab is a non-profit organization that  is dedicated to developing, teaching and promoting a progressive digital and media literacy curriculum.

Digital age literacy, widely considered one of the essential 21st century skills, is key to success in our increasingly complex digital world. The Living Online curriculum provides an understanding of social, behavioral, ethical, technological, economic, and societal/political issues that complements the core digital literacy subjects that more and more schools are gradually introducing.

Living Online Lab has developed a unique interdisciplinary curriculum for 5th-12th Grade that currently comprises eight modules with over 40 detailed lessons. These lessons can be ‘infused’ in English, Social Studies, History, Computer Science, Civics, and other classes. Through discussions and exercises, the curriculum examines topics such as Identity, Privacy, Cyber-Psychology, the Economy of the Internet, and Digital Culture.

Living Online also offers consulting services, including curriculum assessment and development, lessons, teacher workshops, and ongoing training, as well as talks on digital age literacy to schools, parents and others. 

Reuben Loewy, Princeton