The Digital Revolution has transformed our world. The way we communicate, work, research, consume/produce entertainment and news, and do business has been disrupted by the internet. The new online world that is emerging is fast-paced, and often bewildering – especially to the new generation of youth who are immersed in this world most of their waking hours, but who are not yet being taught Internet Studies in the classroom or at home.

The goal of Living Online Lab, the nonprofit organization that has created this course, is to explain the digital world for students, teachers, and parents across the world through exploring and raising awareness about the key topics and issues that we all need to know about in order to thrive as digital citizens.

The Living Online curriculum is divided into five major units: About the Internet; The Digital World and Us; Digital and Media Literacy; The Dark Side of the Web; The Web We Want.

Each unit contains a number of modules (lessons) that are accompanied by professional lesson plans (for 6-8 Grade, 9-12 Grade, and college) and supporting, curated resources. These will be constantly updated to reflect the fast changing nature of the Digital World, and keep the resources fresh for students. 

I hope you will enjoy teaching “Living Online” as much as I do, and sincerely welcome your feedback and input.

Help to make this curriculum a reality is also much welcomed. We are currently sourcing funds for the further development of lesson plans to accompany each unit, and it is our goal to make these lesson plans available online before the next school year. 

Thank you for your interest and support.

Reuben Loewy

Princeton, New Jersey